San Bernardino & Riverside Counties Branch
Established in 1953-Los Angeles Section, Region 9


ASCE Inland Empire Geotechnical Committee

-Message of the President

The San Bernardino and Riverside Counties Branch of ASCE was created in 1953 within the Los Angeles Section. This branch covers more than 27,000 miles, which is the largest geographical coverage in Southern California. Currently about 1,000 civil engineers are members of the Branch. The idea of starting a geotechnical committee within the Branch, was first discussed at the February 5, 2010 Board meeting and I was assigned by the Board to move forward and advance all of the necessary activities to establish the Geotechnical Committee.

Since 2010, we have been able to gather a core of interested professionals with the participation of a limited number of geotechnical engineers, and in late 2010 we were able to elect and appoint five people as the committee’s board members.

Since the Geotechnical Committee of Inland Empire was founded, the members have been able to arrange several meetings and discuss the future path for the committee. Since 2010 we have been able to arrange and hold three dinner gathering events, resulting in a good turn out and a considerable number of local geotechnical engineers have attended.

To move forward toward success, the involvement of more geotechnical engineers within the geographic area of the inland Empire is a key. The committee board members are planning to hold an election next year, and we will have new personnel joining the board, and elections will occur every year. The committee's goal is to promote the overall objectives of the San Bernardino and Riverside Counties Branch, and enhance the knowledge in technical fields related to geotechnical engineering between the members, as well as to facilitate the professional application of this knowledge to the solution of engineering problems. In this regard, we are thinking of other ways to solicit and obtain your collaboration.

We welcome any ideas that may help and contribute to the promotion of the civil engineering society in general and within the area of our activities, specifically.

Robert Russell, P.E., G.E.
Chairmain - Geotechnical Committee
ASCE Inland Empire Branch




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- Chairman
Robert Russell, P.E., G.E.
United Inspection & Testing
(951) 697‐4777

- Vice Chairman
Maihan Noorzay, P.E., QSP/D
CHJ Consultants
(951) 264‐9023

- Treasurer
Monty Schultz, G.E.
PETRA Geotechnical
(714) 549-8921

- Secretary
Jeff Waller, G.E.
(951) 801‐3681

- Past Chairmain
William Kitch, P.E., Ph.D.
Cal Poly Pomona
(909) 869-3147


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