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Message from the chairman

Welcome to the Mentorship Committee webpage. The Mentorship Committee was formed to add value to ASCE membership in Southwest Riverside Country and to address local issues encountered in that region. The Group provides a forum for networking during lunchtime seminars and presentations which occur on a quarterly basis. These activities are in addition to those already offered by the Branch. The public is welcomed to attend and participate in the group as a volunteer. If you are interested, please contact the Chairman. We hope to see everyone at our upcoming events.


Thank you for your continued support and commitment to ASCE.

Jessie Powell, PE

URS Corporation

(909) 980-4000



Direct Board Membrs

►  Georgia Jeffers, PE - Vice Chair
►  Open - Event Coordinator
►  Edwin C. Wen, PE, MS - Treasurer
►  Alfred Pedroza, PE - Secretary


How We Work?

The San Bernardino & Riverside County Branch Mentorship Committee along with National ASCE and the ASCE Committee on Career Development are launching a local ASCE Mentoring Program. The goals of this mentoring program are to:

There are numerous benefits for being a Mentor/Protégé. Mentors can influence the leaders of tomorrow to ensure the future success of our profession and they can learn about some of the challenges younger engineers face today. Protégés can learn what it takes to become a leader through experiences and wisdom of their mentor.

Participation is key. We request that you commit to working with your mentor/protégé for at least 6 months, and encourage a 12 month mentoring relationship. It is recommended that mentor/protégé pairs have contact (e-mail or call) at least once every two weeks and meet in person (or have a longer phone conversation) once a month.

ASCE holds a training workshops to give you the tools and tips on how to gain the most out of the mentoring relationships. Examples of topics discussed include:


  PDF version      - Frequently Asked Questions

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A: An established Mentorship Committee with on-going activities will have a long lasting effect that is above and beyond a one-year program with one Workshop and one social event.

A: Any experienced Civil Engineer who is eager to commit to a minimum of 6 months of mentoring.

A: Any younger member with a Bachelor of Science but preferably from our YMF.

A: Mentors can be recruited by a set of persistent announcements in the monthly luncheon meetings, Newsletter and others. In the same time, Protégés are referred to the Committee by the YMF officers, announcements and/or word of mouth.

A: The sole criteria for pairing is based on our mentors and protégés’ application and resume with their field of interest and experience.

A: The Committee consists of a Chairman, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Event Coordinator and Member-at-large. It is needed to initiate and implement activities to ensure the program remains to be an ongoing endeavor for a long lasting effect.

A: Select from the list of our meetings’ participants.

A: Participants are encouraged to complete a quarterly Tracking and Evaluation Forms for our reference and monitoring basis.

A: The short term goal is to have concurrent efforts for funding our committee, holding regular quarterly events, recruiting more mentoring volunteers, establish a data base, set up and maintain an annual calendar of events and initiate other promoting activities to have a sound mentoring program for a long period of time. The long term goal is to be able to hold and facilitate our own annual workshop with distinguished speakers and be able to encourage other ASCE-Sections in the Nation to start a similar Mentorship Committee to promote this very worthy program.

A: To have the Mentorship Committee to become an inseparable part of the ASCE in order to maintain and improve an on-going mentoring program in a broad field of Civil Engineering for all of our members’ benefit.


Members at Large

  • Nancy Hanna
  • Jonny J. Liu

LA-Section's Mentorship Committee Chair
2010-Engineer of the Year in Government

Neil Nilchian, PE


Past San Bernardino & Riverside Counties Committee Chair of the Branch from September 1, 2007 - September 31, 2009


Mentors Wanted & Sponsors Needed

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Blank Mentoring Tracking Log:
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"Mentors Wanted in all fields of Civil Engineering"


Sign Up

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for an application which will assist the Committee in matching each mentor and protégé appropriately. If you interested in participating as a Mentor or Protégé, please complete the application and return via email or fax to:


Protégé Applications:

Alfred Pedroza, PE
(909) 933-5225 - Phone
933-5228 - Fax
Mentor Applications:

Jessie Powell, PE
(909) 980-4000 - Phone
or to Submit Via Mail send to:

ASCE San Bernardino Riverside
Mentorship Committee
Attn: Jessie Powell, Chair
P.O. Box 1541
Riverside, CA 92502-1541





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Someone once told me that "a child stands on the shoulder of a giant can look further" I was so excited when I learn about the mentoring program that I decided to join the Mentorship Committee right away. I know I want to be part of this team. I have learned and enjoy each Committee meeting from interacting with other committee member. I truly believe that we can help each other, share our knowledge and make our Engineer community a better place. When you willing to share, most of time you will find you get more in return than you can imagine.